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This site is intended to be a place that xoopsers could share and search for little tips and tricks that enhance their xoops experience.

These tips and tricks are for your consideration and information ONLY and you'll be using them at your own risk. Always and always create a backup file before you attempt to edit any file.

Author nachenko on 2008/4/25 18:06:07 (5686 reads)

Imagine you're dumb enough to make Protector ban from your own site.

These things happens.

Trick 1: Try to get a new IP. Switch off/on your cable modem/ADSL router, whatever you have, restart computer.

Trick 2: Use Google translate to translate the page to another language. If you want to read a text, just put your mouse over it and see the wonders of javascript in action. Log in into your own control panel, remove your own banned IP. Continue as usual.

Author nachenko on 2007/10/31 17:23:20 (6834 reads)

jQuery is XOOPS compatible if you follow these tips.

You can use jQuery library in your XOOPS theme, as usual, but if you just follow jQuery's official documentation, you won't be able to run it properly in all browsers.

There's an incompatibility between jQuery and XOOPS own javascript code, but it can be overriden.

Author tl001 on 2007/6/5 10:10:00 (6506 reads)

An article by Ignacio Segura, "nachenko" www.pensamientosdivergentes.net
thanks to davidl2 and wtravel for reviewing.

In this article we'll explain how the URL you wrote in the address bar became the nice page you're viewing at this moment.